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Launching our TT & S3 300bhp Conversion Kits

After extensive testing we have launched our 300 bhp conversion for the 1.8 turbo TT & S3 models. The conversion includes a new hybrid KKK turbo, 470ml Bosch injectors, Pipercross induction kit, Forge divertor valve, 3 inch down pipes, decat and of course ECU remapping. The conversion gives a gain of over 90bhp at 3000rpm,…


My Remapped/Tuned Mini Cooper by BHP UK

After an initial chat on the phone to seewhat I wanted doing, I dropped my car at BHP-UK and a few hours later returned to pick up a car that was totally different to drive. Much more power and smoother delivery. A very professional service from a company who understands exactly what they are doing.…


BHP UK & Astra Owners Network


BHP UK will be hosting a dyno day for the Astra Owners Network next Saturday.

Come along for more info on joining the AON or to test your car on our rolling road.

BMW Club GB Dyno Day


BMW Club GB: Dyno Tuning Day

A lot of very expensive BMWs were dyno tested, but this E30 M3 fitted with a heavily modified race engine attracted the most attention.

Audi A7 Remapped by BHP UK


The new Audi A7 gets BHP’d…

Mr Fisher took delivery of his new A7 yesterday and added 40bhp to the power curve today.

Project TT@BHP UK


Project TT. 68bhp gain over standard at 3800 rpm

All standard apart from remapping. Got to develop the top end maps now.

Remapped Porsche 996


Porsche 996 twin turbo X50 spec

450 bhp standard, BHP UK’d and now a blistering 510bhp