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When BMW re-launched the Mini they set out to amalgamate the character of the original mini with modern technology and BMW reliability. Well what a great job they did! We have a huge amount of experience in remapping the engine ECU on all BMWs and the Mini is no exception.

The worst kept secret of the motoring world is that the R50 R52 & R53 Mini One is actually a down-tuned Mini Cooper and at Auto Solutions we can remap the ECU of your Mini One to produce more power than a Mini Cooper.

We can also provide a modified supercharger pulley and engine ECU remapping to increase the power of a R50 R52 or R53 Mini Cooper S. We are equally experienced in remapping the ECU on R55 & R56 Cooper S models to take full advantage of the turbocharged model.

Remapping the ECU on all diesel powered Mini model whether R50, R52, R53, R55, R56 or R60 will not only increase the power output, increase torque and eliminate flat spots, it will also return more MPG.

We have spent many hours developing the maps for all Mini models and are truly enthusiastic about all things Mini. Bring your Mini to us and you can be sure you’re in good hands.

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